Where To Get Cheap and Good Wholesale Vegetarian Food In Singapore

Where To Get Cheap & Good Wholesale Vegetarian Food In Singapore

Regardless of whether you are running a business that sells vegetarian food or an average person looking to transition into a vegetarian diet, one of your biggest questions would probably be where you can get cheap and good vegetarian food in Singapore

Well, look no further than Vegetarian World Foods, a vegetarian wholesale supplier in Singapore! Read on to find out more.

All about Vegetarian World Foods

Established in 1990, Vegetarian World Foods first started its humble beginnings in a small shop as a family business before moving to a wholesale centre to cater to the demand years later. With the aim to be kinder to living things, we made it our goal to bring in a wide variety of cheap and good vegetarian food to encourage more people to be more compassionate through their diet. 

While working towards bringing in delicious vegetarian food for our customers, we also made sure to ensure each and every product is safe for consumption. As a vegetarian food supplier in Singapore, we understand the importance of not just selling popular items that could fetch better sales, but also products that are safe, which is why we only sell what we eat. 

Over the years, Vegetarian World Foods has been making an effort to provide a variety of alternative vegetarian food products ranging from frozen food to ready-to-eat meals. This is in hopes of only offering the best and a large variety of options to satisfy the taste buds of people trying vegetarian food for the first time, or who have been on a vegetarian diet for years. 

Vegetarian world food wholesale vegetarian food in Singapore

Why choose Vegetarian World Foods?

But you may be wondering what makes us stand out from the crowd? Vegetarian World Foods’ mission is to deliver convenience, confidence and competitiveness to business owners or anyone looking to purchase a vegetarian wholesale in Singapore


We are a one-stop shop for all your vegetarian food needs, providing high-quality and premium products ranging from those without MSG and preservatives to dry foods such as sauces and seasonings. Therefore, there is no need for you to get your vegetarian food needs from various suppliers, saving you time and effort. 

Here at Vegetarian World Foods, we are also dedicated to offering on-time delivery to all parts of Singapore for all our customers so they never have to worry about delays affecting their business. 


We import fresh products frequently as we believe in only offering good quality vegetarian food items that are safe to consume. We understand that by purchasing our products, you are also putting your trust in us and we never want to disappoint. The team at Vegetarian World Foods takes feedback seriously and is constantly working on responding promptly to ensure our products are up to standard. 


Last but not least, Vegetarian World Foods has more than 30 years of experience supplying vegetarian food wholesale to hotels, restaurants, food courts, markets and more. Thus, our products are all competitively priced, which we believe is important in maintaining good and long-term partnerships with our customers. 

Looking for a vegetarian food supplier for your business? Get in touch with us here at Vegetarian World Foods today!