What to buy for Qing Ming Festival? Check out our recommendations for you. [New]

Items for Qing Ming can also be of good quality and non-conventional. Here we have a list of items that are easy to prepare and suitable for the festive.

  1. Vegan Nan Jing Ban Duck (400G) 素南京板鸭
vegan nanjing ban duck vegetarian frozen product
Simply deep fry and it’s ready to be served. May add sauce for dipping.

2. Vegan House Fish 天下第一鱼 (260g) [Bestseller]

vegan house fish vegetarian frozen food
One of our bestsellers for restaurants. May be deep fried, steam or braised. Made of seaweed and soy sheets.

3. Vegan Suckling Pig 素乳猪 (380g)

A dish that everyone could enjoy. Warm it up and it’s ready to serve. Comes with a dipping sauce too.
A konjac based product.

4. Vegan Good Luck Chicken (280G) 鸿运旺才素鸡

Deep fried or steam it and it’s ready to be served. May be added to soup as well. A soy based product. Check out the soup recipe by clicking on the picture.

5. Vegan Lobster 素龙虾 (350G)

Deep fry or steam it and it’s ready to be served. A konjac based product.

6. Vegan Dong Po Meat 东坡肉 (300g)

Deep fried or braised it and it’s ready to be served. Made of konjac and soya texture.

Vegetarian need not be boring, there could be plentiful of variety too. We hope our recommendations are to your liking.