Vegetarian World, Our Products and Services [Featured Article at Singapore Finest Services]

Vegetarian World Food is a one-stop vegetarian supplier for vegetarian products since 1990. Apart from wholesale services, clients can shop for vegetarian food in our ecommerce website and on various marketplace including Fairprice, Qoo10, Shopee, Lazada. We hope to bring these healthy and delicious and plant-based products closer to you so that you could adopt a greener lifestyle much easily. The company’s vision is to provide a variety of alternatives, to inspire more comprehensive vegetarian products that encourages our customers to eat more healthily, and more compassionately.

Since Covid-19, the market for plant-based products rises drastically, especially for vegan food due to the increasing awareness of the health benefits such as reducing risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases. The global vegan market has reached USD 15.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to rise to approximately USD 26.1 billion in 2026. According to Bloomberg, plant-based food market is projected to hit $162 billion in the next decade. Apart from health reasons, animal cruelty and exploitations for food, environmental damage from the meat industry were cited as driving reasons for the rise in demand for vegan products. 

Change to a green diet today! It’s more than a trend. It’s a compassionate diet that improves your overall health being, from your health to your mind to embrace all beings as worthy of live. It’s a diet that is kind to every kind. It also changes the environment around us. Do you know 50,000 litres of water is needed to produce 1kg of beef? For 1kg of wheat, only 1,010 litres of water are required. It takes 4kg of grains to produce 1kg of pork. The list goes on. Think of all the resources that we have drained for the pleasure of meat. 

To encourage more people to go green, we have delicious and cheap vegetarian products and in great variety as meat-replacement for you. There is really a wide variety in our store, but here I recommend you some that are easy to cook and popular among many.

Ready to eat items that are convenient without cooking required includes our vegan instant hotpots that comes in 2 flavours – Mala and Tomato. No cooking is even required, you just need to pour water (room temperature, no boiling required too) and follow the instructions and ta-daaaa it’s ready to consume. Best dish during rainy season I say. For the Vegan Mala Instant Hotpot, if you are worried about burning your tongue with the spiciness, add the sauce in moderation. Authentic mala lovers would know that all mala soup has to have a layer of oil on it. But for healthier choice, you could choose not to “add-oil” to the soup from the seasoning pack as well. So, it’s really customisable.  

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