Vegetarian Food to Buy For Qing Ming Festive

Wondering what Vegetarian or Vegan to Buy or Prepare for Qing Ming Festive? Here is Our List of Recommendations! They are Vegetarian Dong Po Meat 东坡肉 , the Best Seller Vegetarian House Fish 天下第一鱼, Vegetarian Stew Red Pork – 素红烧肉, Vegetarian Chicken Wing Stewed – 卤鸡翅膀, Vegan Suckling Pig 素乳猪, and the all time favourite Vegan Sugarcane Prawn 甘蔗虾。

After your prayers, you can cook them in the following methods. Check them out below!


1. Vegetarian Dong Po Meat 东坡肉 

Slice it and it goes well with your favourite sauce! Or cut into cubes, deep fry with sweet and sour. Friends tell us they use this for Vegetarian Kong Bak Bao!


2. Vegetarian House Fish 天下第一鱼

One of our Best Sellers! Because of it’s texture and fresh soy bean. Steam it or oven bake this with your chilli sambal sauce! It’s just goooood.

3. Vegetarian Stew Red Pork – 素红烧肉

Cook this with plum sauce and it’s yummy! Check out the recipe here >>

4. Vegetarian Chicken Wing Stewed – 卤鸡翅膀

Favourite amongst the young and old.

5. Vegan Suckling Pig 素乳猪

Comes with tasty sauce. Slice it and deep it into the sauce and it’s a restaurant dish for you and family.

6. Vegan Sugarcane Prawn 甘蔗虾

Yes this is the favourite among many. Goes well with your favourite sauce!

These are our recommendations that are popular among our customers. Hope you find them satisfactory!