Recipe – Vegetarian Dong Po Rou with Preserved Vegetables 梅菜扣东坡肉

It’s an all time favourite for the young and the old. Vegetarian Dong Po Rou with Preserved Vegetables is a restaurant dish and yet easy to cook!

Ingredients: Veg Dong Po Meat, mei cai preserved vegetables

Seasoning: Vegan Abalone Sauce, Veg Mushroom and Vegetable seasoning, Corn Flour, sugar, dark soy sauce, ginger, Star anise

Cooking Method:

1. Slice the Veg Dong-po meat into 1 cm thinkness and put aside for use

2. Clean the mei cai preserved vegetables thoroughly, soak for 30 minutes and be careful that all the sand should be removed. 

3. Heat the oil on the wok, and add ginger, some Star anise and stir fry till fragrant. Add the sliced Veg Dong-po meat into the wok and stir fry. Then add in dark soy sauce for the colouring.

4. Place the Veg Dong Po meat with the skin facing down in a bowl. 

5. Heat the oil with Star anise, add in mei cai preserved vegetables, sugar, add in Vegan Abalone Sauce, Veg Mushroom and Vegetable seasoning and water. Heat them for 5 minutes. 

6. Lay the cooked mei cai preserved vegetables on top of the bowl of Veg Dong-po meat, steam for 30 minutes and its ready to serve on a decorated plate! 

Here you go, a restaurant dish on your dinner table.

材料:素东坡肉、梅干菜 各适量

调味料:齐善鲍鱼浓汁,齐善 素高鲜粉,生分,老抽,姜,八角 各适量


1. 先将东坡肉切成1厘米左右的片装,待用。

2. 梅干菜洗净,用清水浸泡30分钟 便能把沙子去除。洗干净,请注意沙子需要去干净。

3. 锅烧热油,加入姜、八角少许爆香。将东坡肉切片,再倒入老抽上色。

4. 肉皮朝下摆在碗中

5. 锅烧热油,爆香少许八角,放入梅菜、白糖炒均,加入 齐善鲍鱼浓汁,齐善 素高鲜粉 和适量清水烧5分钟,收干水分。

6. 把炒好的梅菜覆盖在肉上,上笼屉用旺火蒸半小时;即可食用。