Recipe – Vegetarian Braised Mutton with Raddish

As the craze for rice dumpling is over, Vegetarian Braised Mutton with Raddish makes a delightful meal for the family too. It’s perfect to go with rice or other vegetables over a simple fare or a sumptuous meal. Easy to cook! Certainly!

Ingredients: Vegetarian Mutton 200g, White Raddish, fresh straw mushroom, ginger minced

Seasoning: Vegetarian Stock Powder, Vegetarian Abalone Sauce, Sugar, Dark Soy Sauce, white pepper

Cooking Method:

1. Boil the fresh straw mushroom for 2 minutes and drain away the water. Remove the skin of the raddish, cut into cubes

2. Stir fry the minced ginger with oil, and all the sauces. 

3. Add all ingredients, stir fry for a while, with a little water (or vegetable stock)and rest of the seasoning and braise with slow fire. 

4. Add starch to and Ta-da! It can be served. 

材料: 齐善羊肉1包200克,白萝卜1个,鲜草菇1两,姜碎1小匙



1. 鲜草菇对开用热水煮2分钟捞出,白萝卜去皮切菱备用

2. 锅内放少许油,把姜汁,和酱料略炒。

3. 把所有材料加入一同炒香, 加入调味,

4. 勾清芡炖至缩汁即可。