Recipe – Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Red Stew Pork

Vegetarian Red Stew Pork

Cook a Juicy and Tasty dish that is sweet and sour for your family. Children will love this appetizing and savoury dish. I guess it only takes 10 minutes to prepare this dish. I recommended stir fry here, but I would say deep fry would certian add the savoury and texture. Hope you enjoy this recipe! 🙂

Ingredients: Vegetarian Red Stew Pork

Seasoning: Crystal Sugar, Tomato Sauce


1. Cut the Veg Stew Red Pork into cubes (Not to small as they could be minced easily), stir fry to warm it and set aside in a plate.

2. Add little oil and fry till fragrant with slow fire. Add Crystal Sugar, tomato and fry using bigger fire, till the sauce becomes stickier. 

3. Add the sauce to the Vegetarian Stew Red pork that was set aside in the plate earlier. Adjust the ingredients and seasonings according to taste. Garnish and it is ready to be served. 

材  料:红烧素肉  适量