Join Us To Donate to Food Bank

Thankful to your support we had done 3 rounds of donation to Food Bank. We do not usually publicize any of our charity efforts but because this is the time, and this is the moment for us to do the calling. As fellow Singaporeans it is only for the better that we help one anothe

It is during this unprecedented times where we should stay united and help one another to tide over this difficult times. We may be well off shopping online with the leisure in mind but some of us may be struggling to make ends meet. Join us in the donation for Food Bank to fellow Singaporeans who needed the help during this difficult time. 

Vegetarian World is inviting you as well in our collabouration with Food Bank. We just had three rounds of donation sent to them at Pandan Loop and another round every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the donation going. We are still getting donations from the public and joining us in the campaign, yes the public that is you. 

These are the photos of 2 of the trips


The Food Bank Singapore is a registered charity and they serve 360 beneficiary organisations (Family Service Centres, Nursing Homes, Children Homes, and other VWOs) and over 200,000 individuals island-wide. They support vulnerable communities as food rations and cooked meal donations are decreasing and food support demand is increasing.

Your generosity and social consciousness will help put food on the table and ease the food insecurity fears of those in need. 

How to do it?

Simply make your purchase online with us at and select free store pick up. You will receive an email to confirm the order, reply to us with a note : Donate to Food Bank.

For every donation you make, we will add up another 20% or more for the same order. We would encourage you to donate 1 item in bigger bulk rather than a wide variety of products. This is because if it is frozen items, they are usually sent to big kitchens for cooking, if it is a bulk of loose items, it may be difficult for food distribution. 

Once orders are collated we will send them to Food Bank and once the delivery order (with your order number) is confirmed by Food Bank, we would forward them to you. 

Let The Feeding Begin!

Warm Regards,


Yeo Wei Lin

Vegetarian World Food Pte. Ltd.