6 Foods Vegetarians Must Avoid That You Probably Had No Idea About

8 Foods Vegetarians Must Avoid That You Probably Had No Idea About

The vegetarian diet is one that is fast gaining traction across the world which involves abstaining from eating meat, fish and poultry. Apart from the various ethical and environmental benefits of cutting meat from your diet, a vegetarian diet can also reduce your risk of chronic disease and improve overall health. But did you know that there are actually hidden animal products lurking in lots of foods that you may not have thought about? What are the foods that seem to be vegetarian but actually aren’t? Vegetarian World Foods is a vegetarian supplier in Singapore, and here’s a list of foods that vegetarians must avoid that you likely didn’t know about.


Marshmallows vegetarian food supplier in Singapore

This is perhaps one of the biggest surprises for new vegetarians and others around them when they find out that marshmallows are not considered vegetarian food. This is due to the fact that they contain gelatin in order to achieve that squishy texture marshmallows are associated with. Gelatin is an animal protein derived from the ligaments, tendons, and the skin of animals. It can also be made by boiling the scales from fish, so once you’ve discovered what gelatin really is, it’s easy to understand why some might opt for vegan marshmallows instead. Thankfully, there are now several brands of vegan marshmallows available at various vegetarian suppliers, providing even vegetarians with an alternative to fulfil their campfire needs.

Canned Vegetable soups

Vegetable soups vegetarian food supplier in Singapore

Most people might think that canned vegetable soups are considered vegetarian, but did you know that many canned varieties and cafe recipes are made with beef or chicken stock? Even French onion or split pea soup is not an exception. That is why you should keep in mind to check the label before purchasing. Still trying to get your vegetable soup fix? Vegetarian suppliers like Vegetarian World Foods carry a range of soup packs that are easy to cook, or ready to eat after heating them up. Vegetarians are able to enjoy a wide variety of choices of soup base with their loved ones easily and with a peace of mind.


Many cheese contain rennet, which is an enzyme found in the lining of a cow’s intestines. Rennet is what helps the milk to coagulate in the cheese making process, which is how hard cheeses are produced. Vegetarian cheeses on the other hand, are manufactured using rennet from bacterial sources or genetically modified microorganisms. This gives vegetarian cheese lovers a guilt-free option to still get to enjoy their cheeses.

Mala Sauce


With the hot and spicy Mala food trending in town, many are adding mala into their soup and vegetables. However, buying them from non-vegetarian stores may be risky, as some contains animal products such as fish or chicken extract. Vegan Mala sauce that Vegetarian World sells do not contain animal products, and they also do not contain allium.


There’s no actual meat in yoghurts, but many low and reduced fat yoghurts use gelatin as a thickening and gelling agent to help achieve a thick and creamy texture. Be sure to read the labels closely, or stick with plain Greek yoghurt instead.

Gummy bears

Gummy bears vegetarian food supplier in Singapore

Similar to marshmallows, gummy bears are made with gelatin that is most often made by boiling animal bones. That said, animal skin, tendons and ligaments can also be used and boiled too. Read the labels carefully to be sure that what you’re purchasing is a gelatin-free brand.

Caesar salad

Buying Caesar salad dressings off the shelves of the supermarket? Just because they are commonly used dressings for the green salads in bistros, many do not know that they contain anchovies most of the time. Create your own recipe for the homemade salad dressing, it’s rather easy with just a few ingredients which you can mix and switch to suit different taste buds of the day.

Some Fruit Tarts

This may be surprising to some, as fruit tarts seem to be a vegetarian-friendly dessert. However, that lovely glossy glaze on top of the fruits may be the unsuspecting recipe that may not be vegetarian. There are 3 types of glaze that are commonly used. Pectin fruit glaze and liquified fruit jelly or jam are derived from fruits and they are basically vegetarian friendly. However, the third method is using gelatin. As mentioned earlier, gelatin is not vegetarian, so be sure to ask the baker what the glaze is made of before buying them.

It can sometimes be difficult to tell which products are truly vegetarian with so many ingredients listed on the fine print of food packaging. Keep it safe by getting your  supplies from a reliable vegetarian supplier in Singapore like Vegetarian World Foods. Browse through our range of items if you’re looking to order vegetarian food online!