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7 Simple Tips To Help You Transition To A Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarianism has existed for thousands of years and has been gaining popularity in recent times not just because of religious beliefs, but also due to other benefits such as lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetes. 

So if you are looking to transition to a vegetarian diet but having a hard time doing so, these tips and where you can order vegetarian food online in Singapore may help to make the process easier.

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1. Have a good intake of healthy fats and protein-rich foods

Plant-based products are much easier to digest and vegetarian food tends to be higher in fibre with more vegetables, allowing one to feel full faster as well, which means you eat less compared to a meaty diet. However, if one were to stick to just vegetables and fruits in their diet, you may experience a decrease in your energy levels. Hence, the trick is to include more healthy fats into your meals such as nuts, seeds, avocado and oil, and protein-rich foods such as soy-based products like mock meat, tofu, and tempeh.  

One common mistake you could be making is being too selective in your choices of  vegetarian food and omitting the essential food that your body needs in your diet. This may actually make the journey more challenging because your body is already so accustomed to the diet you have had for decades. 

There are people who adopt the “slow and steady wins the race” method, taking their own time to transition, but there are also people who “just do it” and go all into the new diet. This all depends on how your mind and body adjust to vegetarian food, so ultimately, there is no one size fits all solution. 

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2. Swap out ingredients

Taking small steps every day can also be really helpful with successfully transitioning to a vegetarian diet.

For instance, swapping out ingredients with vegetarian-friendly ones while you are cooking helps you to take the first step so you still get to enjoy your favourite dish without compromising on the taste.

Try switching out your meat protein with tofu or beef with portobello mushrooms. Add colours to your palettes by including savoury ingredients such as mushrooms, tempeh and seaweed, and use seasonings such as nutritional yeast or vegetarian mushroom seasoning.

3. Stock up on vegetarian food

There are plenty of vegetarian-friendly foods you can stock up on to encourage you to cook that actually taste equally good. 

Some examples are plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and soy products.

4. Keep a lookout for food substitutes

If you find yourself craving meat badly while in the early stages of transitioning to a vegetarian diet, then try food substitutes instead. They are made to look and feel similar in texture to the real deal, except that they are suitable for vegetarians. 

Vegetarian grocery shops in Singapore tend to carry them, such as burger patties and even dim sum!

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5. Learn new recipes

Having something new and exciting to look forward to every day will spur you on and learning new recipes is one of them. 

There are many vegetarian food recipes online that are readily available which you can take inspiration from. Vegetarian food does not have to taste bland, in fact, it can be as delicious as any other dish with the right ingredients and seasonings.

Take a look at our recipes to get you started.

6. Limit your sugar intake

While some vegetarians can consume dairy products, it does not give you the excuse to load up on sugar in the form of desserts! Your body will start detoxing when you go on a vegetarian diet and excessive processed sugar will only make it harder for it to get used to this new diet. 

It is recommended to limit your sugar intake for an overall healthy diet. 

7. Shop from vegetarian grocery stores

As a vegetarian diet novice, you could be making mistakes such as consuming food items you thought were vegetarian-friendly. One such example is canned vegetable soup as it may contain beef or chicken stock. 

To prevent that from happening, simply shop from vegetarian grocery stores in Singapore. This gives you the assurance that you are only consuming vegetarian-friendly products while also providing you with endless options to add pizzazz to your daily meals. 

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