4 Ways To Make Vegetarian Food Taste Even Better

4 Ways To Make Vegetarian Food Taste Even Better

Taking the leap of faith to transition to a new diet is never easy as you will not only have to make dietary changes, but also possibly lifestyle changes to accommodate. 

This especially applies to the vegetarian diet, since you will be essentially cutting out all traces of animal products like meat and seafood to only consume vegetarian food. Hence, most tend to prefer cooking their own meals so that they have control over what they eat. 

If you are planning to start whipping up your own meals or are racking your brain thinking about how you can make vegetarian food taste even better, these tips may help. 

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1. Mix textures

A common misconception many have is that the vegetarian diet only consists of vegetables. On the contrary, there are many other vegetarian food options widely available in Singapore such as tofu, tempeh, quinoa, almonds, konjac, mushroom and the list goes on.

Thus, mixing food items of different textures together can enhance the taste of your dish, give you a balanced meal and make it look more appealing all at the same time.

2. Slow roast your vegetables

If vegetables are your favourite greens to include in every meal, try switching things up once in a while by slowly

roasting them instead of merely blanching them in boiling water. 

This process of cooking vegetables on low heat forces water content to get extracted and dry up, intensifying the flavour of your veggies for a more scrumptious meal. 

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3. Incorporate more tofu into your meals

A popular vegetarian-friendly food item is tofu thanks to its versatility; the textures also range from soft silken to firm and dried – great for a variety of dishes. 

Tofu can be included in savoury recipes and even double up as a dessert ingredient to make puddings! Your options will be endless with tofu so incorporating more of it in your daily meals helps to make life less mundane and keep mealtimes exciting. 

4. Consume more ingredients that are high in umami flavour

Umami, also known as monosodium glutamate, is the fifth core taste on a human’s tongue that was first discovered more than a decade ago in Japan. This refers to a taste that spreads across the tongue, lasts longer and provides a mouthwatering sensation; also why you may see foodies describing a certain dish as “full of umami”. 

Therefore, consuming more vegetarian food items that are high in umami flavour will make your meals taste more delicious! These include miso, asparagus, edamame, mushrooms, tomatoes and more. 

5. Load up on herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are indispensable in any kind of meal and especially more so when it comes to vegetarian food, as the absence of meat and seafood may take away the natural sweetness or saltiness of a dish. 

Consequently, loading up on vegetarian-friendly herbs and spices will help to intensify the flavour of a dish and add a much-needed kick to tantalise your tastebuds. Some must-haves include ginger,  basil, rosemary, thyme, black pepper and an Italian seasoning blend.

Where to get cheap and good vegetarian food in Singapore

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