4 Things To Know Before Going Vegetarian & Where To Order Vegetarian Food Online

4 Things To Know Before Going Vegetarian & Where To Order Vegetarian Food Online

Transitioning to a new diet is never easy; apart from making lifestyle changes, you will also have to prepare to be quizzed by people who cannot understand why anyone would become a vegetarian. Despite all that, becoming a vegetarian has many benefits that outweigh the cons. 

So if you are planning to go vegetarian, these are the four things to know beforehand that will help to make the journey easier. Read on to find out more, including where to order vegetarian food online in Singapore!

1. No “One Size Fits All”

There are people who go cold turkey once they see the benefits of vegetarianism, changing their food choices may not be difficult as their body adapts to the changes quickly. On the other hand,  there are some who prefer to take it slow. 

Start off by incorporating vegetarian food into your meals while still having dishes with meat at least once a day. Once your body feels comfortable with this change, you can gradually cut meat out of your diet entirely. 

This gives your body time to adjust and will also make it easier for you to transition into a vegetarian when changes are not too drastic. 

2. Don’t forget omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a healthy and essential type of fat that our body needs and most people get them from consuming fish like mackerel and salmon. However, vegetarians cannot consume fish (unless you are a pescetarian) so it is important to load up on this through other sources. 

Plant-based options include seaweed, chia seeds, walnuts and edamame – incorporate them into your vegetarian food not just to get the nutrients you need, but to also add some pizzazz to your daily meals. 

Vegetarian Food in Singapore

3. Do your research

Never neglect the research portion when transitioning to a new diet as this step essentially helps you to prepare as much as possible. For instance, there are some surprising foods that are not vegetarian-friendly, such as vegetable soups because they usually contain chicken broth. Doing research allows you to know what to avoid and what to load up on so your efforts do not go to waste. 

Make sure you research some vegetarian meal plans too so you can trial and error to see which suits you and your taste buds best. This will help to make preparing vegetarian food a breeze since you will not have to constantly rack your brain thinking about the next meal.  

4. Skip junk food or desserts

If the reason why you want to become a vegetarian is to lead a healthier lifestyle, then cutting out or at least reducing your intake of junk food and desserts that are high in sodium and sugar will help. 

This means not substituting meat with unhealthy non-meat foods like french fries, vegetable chips, instant noodles, cookies and cakes. 

Too much sodium and sugar will only stress your body out, making the transition to a vegetarian diet harder. In fact, vegetarian food can be delicious too when you include more spices and slow roast your vegetables. 

Where to order vegetarian food online in Singapore

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