11 Vegetarian Food to Bring for Travel

It’s now the festive seasons, and for many it means a season for holiday too. However, for vegans or vegetarian, food can be a tricky kinda thing even if you ain’t fussy. Instead of struggling to cook yourself during travel, many of us will choose to look for vegetarian options in non-vegetarian restaurants which make things a lot simpler. However, the worse nightmare is when you are eating the same food for the entire trip which is not uncommon for all of us.

So here I am, introducing some delights from our store to your meals during travel that is delicious and unique. They are light, simple add-ons to your plate that makes your meal much more delectable with more variations and add flavours to your tastebuds! They are all fuss-free and non-refrigeration needed.

1. All Time Bestseller – Vegan Beancurd Snack

This is a snack, and it’s great to go with staple food too! It comes with 2 flavours – namely Spicy Mala (麻辣) and Five Spices (五香). It’s something that you could add to anything. Because it’s light and savoury when you bite.

My personal favourite is the Spicy Mala, because it goes well with rice or spagetti and ease the crave for asian spicy food when you are in overseas. Non-refrigerated. No preservatives added.

2. Vegan Instant Mala Hotpot

This item is called instant for a good reason – no cooking is required, only room temperature water and this is set to be eaten. So during road trips, all you need is a bottle of water, chopsticks and you are ready to tuck in after 15 minutes.

Getting soup for vegetarian during travel could be really tough because many restaurants uses meat or bones as soup base, so this instant vegan spicy mala hotpot is really delectable especially after many days of traveling. Non-refrigerated. No preservatives added.

3. Vegan (Szechuan) Smoked Sausage

This is one of our favourite add-ons for meals, ops, it’s spicy as well. It’s well seasoned with Szechuan spices which makes it appetizing for meals.

There are 5 pieces in a packet, so it’s good if you have friends to share this. We had this together with spagetti in Europe and it tastes really good. We also added this to our instant noodles when we were back in the apartment, and kept the remaining in the chiller when we could not finish them all. Non-refrigerated. No preservatives added.

4.  Vegan Red Sausage 

Yes we heard you, what if you do not fancy spicy stuff, here is one for you. Add to your spagetti or rice during travel, they work wonders.

5. Vegan Smoked Sausage

Another Flavour for your consideration 🙂 Comes in a packet of 2.

Non-refrigerated. No preservatives added.

6. Vegan Sauteed Shredded Pork

This is a great savoury dish by itself or goes well with rice or porridge.

Non-refrigerated. No preservatives added.

7. Vegan Fish Maw

Add it to any soup or staples, its light for the go.

8. Vegan Meat Floss

This makes your meal more flavourful as you add them to your vegetables, rice or noodles. It could do a great sandwich as well.

9. Vegan Mushroom Snack aka Veg Bak-Kwa

This makes really good snack on the go. Comes in boxes, great as gifts too.

10. Vegetarian Jerky aka Bak Kwa (Spicy and non spicy)

This is a snack that is really savoury and comes in spicy flavour as well.

11. Vegan Anchovies

Favourite snacks for many. Comes with zip-lock for the red packaging.

We wish you a happy holidays with our recommendations. 🙂