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Your Trusted Vegetarian Supplier in Singapore

Vegetarian World Foods is one of the leading Vegetarian Food Suppliers in Singapore. As a one-stop wholesale centre, we are committed to widen your range of plant-based meat alternatives by offering you a broad variety of choices ranging from frozen to non-frozen food, condiments, and sauces. Apart from the usual mock meat or plant-based food, we have a range of premium products that do not contain MSG, preservatives or artificial colourings. We also provide ready-to-eat vegetarian food, halal certified food, and we offer all types of vegetarian food that includes vegan products that are dairy-free, and lacto-vegetarian products that are eggless, and ovo-vegetarian products that do not contain milk.Products are mainly produced from plant-based ingredients such as soya bean, konjac, mushroom, gluten and vegetables, and all products are allium-free. As vegetarianism is gaining popularity amongst many Singaporeans, we hope to be the ideal grocery store where you could find all kinds of vegetarian food that adds colours to your palate and fulfil all your dietary needs.

We Strive Our Best To Meet Your Needs

Shop easily on our comprehensive online grocery store and you can find our recommendations through various cooking methods under “Food “Genre”. Being your one-stop vegetarian food supplier, we strive our best to meet your needs. We continually source for new quality products to recommend to you and your loved ones, so that vegetarian food will no longer be boring or repetitive. We are committed to bringing you more variety so that you could easily create more vegetarian delicacies, and whipping up different wholesome vegetarian or vegan meals is no longer a chore. We hope to promote a vegetarian lifestyle that encompasses a compassionate diet, healthier lifestyle, and a greener environment with delicious vegetarian food we cater. We are what we eat, and we make the difference with our choice of food today. Go Green, let us create a greener and more compassionate Vegetarian World.

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Reliable And Good Service Standards With Integrity And Quality Vegetarian Food

Stock up your inventory today with delicious and quality Plant-based meat alternatives from your trusted vegetarian food supplier – Vegetarian World Food. We sell what we eat. We uphold strong responsibilities in ensuring that what we sell is vegetarian-friendly. We strive to uphold reliable and good service standards with integrity and quality vegetarian food to all our customers. We are also constantly sourcing for new products that add colours and variety to your diet, making your vegetarian journey more pleasurable, healthier and more holistic. As such, we hope our humble service would create a better choice for you and your loved ones.

Environment Also Becomes Greener With Fewer Negative Effects On The Environment As You Go Green

Vegetarianism is a compassionate diet, by consuming vegetarian food, you are replacing meat with plant-based meat alternatives that would spare lives by not killing. Environment also becomes greener with fewer negative effects on the environment as you go green. You are what you eat. Every choice makes a difference in the world, and so do you. Act now, Go Green. We hope that the world would be a better place with more vegetarians, greener with compassion, and join us in creating a Vegetarian World.

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